The Art of Persuasion: “How to Get Buyers to Buy!”

The following is a post from Patrick G. Mackaronis. Patrick is the Director of Business Development for New York City-based social network Brabble. In this post, Patrick has shared the art for Persuasion, to increase their sells by make the buyers, buy. Patrick can be best reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

The funny thing about business is that 95% is marketing and the other 5% someone will tell you how to do it. At least that’s what my Dad use to tell me. It’s true that every entrepreneur must master the art of persuasion or marketing in order to sell his products and make a successful living. But the trouble is most entrepreneurs no nothing about marketing and no even less about content marketing.

Who’s Your Ideal Customer?

Most entrepreneurs do surveys and/or polls to determine the exact make-up of who is their ideal customer. Research blogs and articles on the your products. You will see if there is a desire or passion for your products. It enables you to present questions that can be answered quickly and with a great deal of credibility.

Forums are another excellent place to gather research about your ideal customer. Sometimes you just need a place to start to get in the flow of your products emotional appeal in order to form an educated opinion about marketing. Forums will give you some nice feedback as well as just reading the post will enable you to experience your customer’s un-biased reaction to your products.

Present Your Products Using Benefits not Features

Once you have learned about your customers you can get close to them by identify a desire or fear they have which enables you to write persuasively to take action on that desire or fear. Buying is an emotional experience that is backed up by features. When benefits are presented in the right way it almost always results in sales, but not so if you sell features such as facts and figures.

Tell your prospect what your product will do for them. It is really that simple, because that is why your prospect is reading your sales piece in the first place. So give them what they want by enticing them to action using a benefit that has an emotional appeal.

Make Your Prospect a Promise

Whenever you present your product make sure you make your prospect a promise. Tell them how you will eliminate their fear or fulfill their desires by promising to do it in writing. Promise them health, wealth and prosperity if they buy your product.

Now, whatever you promise make sure you can deliver. Prospects never forget when they have been misled into buying something for the wrong reasons.

Paint Your Prospect a Picture

Once you have promised the customer what your product will do try painting them a picture of how their life will change using the product.

If it is something to make them wealthy, let them see themselves vacationing in a luxurious spot or maybe enjoying a beautiful home they purchased because they got your product. Show them a picture of someone smiling while using your product almost always seals the deal.

Now Tell them a Few Facts to Help Them Rationalize the Purchase

Now is the time to present a few features or facts about your product to help them rationalize the purchase they so desperately want to make at this point. Don’t go overboard! Just one or two features or facts will do the trick.

Now is the time to make them an offer that sounds like a special deal. Give them a discount or make them a part of a special group.

As you can see the offer is really a small part of your content to persuade. Most of your energy is knowing who your customer is and finding a fear or desire you can capitalize on in order to make a sale.

Next time you write content to sell a product keep these tips in mind and you will succeed.

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